a bit of: Xmas, museum, ballet, blue skies and snow [around the city]

DSCF0163 DSCF0093 DSCF0202 DSCF0198 DSCF0199 DSCF0223 DSCF0248 DSCF0293 DSCF0219 DSCF0203 DSCF0205 DSCF0220 DSCF0212 DSCF0232 DSCF0290 DSCF0103 DSCF0104 DSCF0106 DSCF0107 DSCF0134DSCF0379

DSCF0156 DSCF0097 DSCF0308 DSCF0313 DSCF0316 DSCF0350 DSCF0374 DSCF0382 DSCF0469 DSCF0397 DSCF0480 DSCF0414 DSCF0407 DSCF0433 DSCF0441 DSCF0472 DSCF0475 DSCF0464 DSCF0481 DSCF0482 DSCF0508 DSCF0522 DSCF0523 DSCF0532 DSCF0493

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